Startup Weekend Louisville #10


So this past weekend I attended Startup Weekend Louisville #10!

It was an incredibly educational and exhausting weekend, but I have to say it was entirely worth it! Me and my employee (Jonah) went as part of our team’s goals for us to do fun non-work related professional development. So I just wanted to review a little bit of the weekend and the things I learned. Continue reading

Life keeps going (& #StartUpLou)!


memes lifeMajor life update incoming.

I’ve had a rough time the last 2 years. With knee surgery behind me over a year ago I began another life challenge that’s taken some time to work through. In September, while on a motorcycle trip with my dad and brother, I was hit head on by a car who came into my lane. I survived, thankfully, with a few issues that are still causing me problems today. Continue reading

Updates and Apps Course


After I arrived home from the Usability Week, I had a feeling something was wrong with my knee that I had hurt a couple months prior. Turns out, I had a torn ACL and meniscus. So about 4.5 weeks ago I had knee surgery and have spent a lot of time working from home while I recover. Continue reading

#NNGUW Day 7 – Intranet Design Trends and Best Practices


IMG_3468Today was the last day of the conference. At this point, many people’s brains were all mushy and gushing out of their skulls. I know I felt that way. I started off in the Analytics session, but it turned out to be how do we make design decisions FROM Analytics, not how do we best PRESENT Analytics to users. I must have mis-read the session synopsis. Continue reading

#NNGUW Day 6 – Usability Testing


Yesterday’s course went into depth over Usability Testing. We went through the process of writing a study plan, tasks, finding participants, and even completing a usability study session. I discovered I am a terrible facilitator (though my instructor reminded me last night, I am not!). Continue reading

#NNGUW Day 3 – User Research Methods


IMG_3429Yesterday’s class was a lot of practical, educational fun! We went through several activities through the day, and got to practice what we were learning on a small level. The class centered on, like the title says, user research methods. We went through an exhaustive list of methods, but the major ones were surveys, field studies, and focus groups. Continue reading