Linking a SharePoint List to MS (How-To)

  1. Open up the MS Access Database that you want to link the data too (Or create it) and go to the SharePoint list that you want linked.
  2. In your MS Access database, go up to the ribbon and click External Data > More (Under Import & Link) > SharePoint Lists.
  3. Copy & Paste in the base site URL for your list. Note: Once you start doing this, your sites will be remembered for future use. For example, my list is seen in the next example image.
  4. Then below that, select the option of how you’d like to link it. You can 1. Import data (not link) or 2. Link Data. We’re going to Choose the second for this example, but it’s important to know you don’t have to. Then click Next.
  5. The next screen will show your lists. Click the ones you want linked. Note, regardless if you select User Info, it will link it. That’ll be explained at a further blog post. Click OK.
  6. You’re finished! On your left MS Access Nav you should see your newly linked List. 


  • You are now free to treat it like any other database object (except you can’t edit the columns and fields within Access, you must do that via SharePoint.
  • If you do change the list, you may need to unlink it & relink it for it to work properly.