My Professional Development Reflection/Plan

“Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action.”
-Peter F. Drucker

I like to reflect and evaluate what I have done and where I am going. I am a reflective person, so its natural and I think everyone can benefit from it. tWhat have I done in the last year for professional development?

  • SPSCincinnati 2011 – First one I attended. Had a great time, learned a lot! Learned what SharePoint Saturday is all about and totally got on board and worked with a colleague who wanted to get one going for Louisville.
  • SPTechCon San Francisco – Week long conference. Really learned a lot and met some great people.
  • Internal SharePoint Blog – Hosted a blog on my Mysite profile writing about things people would ask me. Sometimes they would be more specific to our situation at work, sometimes not. Found this very rewarding internally, but it eventually lead to me starting this blog (and forsaking that one).
  • Created an Office365 account to see what all this cloud activity was about. That lead to me learning and experiencing SharePoint (in O365) outside of work. Did find some limitations, but so far have been able to work through them thanks to help from other people.
  • SharePoint User Group at work – Have presented several times to SPUG at work as needed. People definitely reach out to me with questions (which is good and bad).
  • Joined the SharePoint Yammer community. Just by lurking I feel like I’m absorbing information from the SharePoint Pros there. And thanks to a contact I made (looking for help), I was able to get setup with a Private SharePoint site that has a bunch of enterprise features turned on that I’m unable to get to on Office365 and at work. This allowed me to start my external blog.
  • – Created this because I felt like I was limiting myself by keeping the blog internal at work. This would get my name out, and I wanted to share things and continue to develop myself and not lose the posts I had written at work if anything ever changed.
  • SPSDayton 2012 – Volunteered and helped out at the event. Had a great time and met more awesome people. Helped make sure we would be prepared for the SPSLouisville event.
  • SPSLouisville 2012 – Lead my first conference session AND helped with this awesome event. Had a great turnout and I think everyone learned something.

Now that I’ve listed all that out, I am impressed with myself. I’m holding down a pretty aggressive position with what I’m asked to do, but I’m still able to work on myself. I am fortunate my boss is very encouraging and helpful with it as well. So what do I do now? Well, I have a few thoughts I want to plan for the coming year, but here is it so far.

  •  Get involved with KYSPUG. It’s once a month, I think I can manage it.
  • Stay involved in SharePoint Saturdays in the region! I submitted several sessions for SPSCinci, fingers crossed!
  • I really would like to attend one more large conference, and I’ve submitted a request for SharePoint Fest Chicago but not sure if it’ll get approved. I would like to attend the Pre-Conference Workshop with Marc Anderson and Kyle Schaeffer.
  • Work on getting the MCTS Certification for SharePoint Server 2010. I don’t know anything about the back-end for SharePoint and I think learning and earning a cert could really help me down the road. I’ve submitted this to my boss as well for professional development for next year. A colleague at work is also looking to do the same, so I’ll hopefully have someone to work through it with.

Anyone else have professional development plans for next year? How does mine sound? Thoughts/Comments/Questions? I appreciate all feedback!