Where did spring go?


Well, I’ve been super busy with work and life for the last couple of months. I haven’t had much time to write any how-to’s lately, but I promise I have a list of them I’d love to write. Just need to find some time.

At work, I’m revamping the self-service reporting tool I created for the finance team I’m on. It’s going pretty well, also have lined up a few teams that are wanting me to consult and help with their site, not to mention one of them being for my org’s VP.

On the extra curricular side, my Church has adopted and started using Office365 and my personal Office365 account has gotten upgraded to the newest version. So I’ve been dabbling with it. First real impressions having to do some SharePoint stuff on the Church’s site is “HOLY COW I LOVE IT!”

I was able to customize it pretty easily with a background and put the logo in flawlessly. A screenshot is attached below. I hope to get them up and running with it pretty soon once I get a few other duties out of the way (I’m also the webmaster for the church).