#SPC14 is here!


The time has come! We’ve settled into our new home until Friday. I have a lot to be excited about at the SharePoint Conference 2014. To be more specific, I’m most excited about:

  1. Keynote address by Bill Clinton. I’ve never heard him live, but I am excited to see what he has to tell us. I was kind of hoping the new CEO might have addressed us, but Bill Clinton is definitely a fun choice. It will be live streamed (more info at http://sharepointconference.com).
  2. Las Vegas Speedway! Not exactly SharePoint related, but I am excited for the Tuesday night event that’s being held at the speedway. There will be ride-alongs and high speed go kart racing. Should be a great time!
  3. User friendly tips/tricks. I always love new ways of doing things and being someone who mostly concentrates on user experiences now, I’m hoping to learn how to keep current on adoption, ways to style, and especially how to better utilize custom content types. They help me do my job later, I hope I pick a few up.
  4. Learn how to better leverage Office365. I need to get more knowledgeable with it. It’s still pretty new, fresh, and exciting. I also administer my church’s setup. I hope to get more information on how I can get them to use it more fully as well.
  5. Networking. I need to get networking. Meet new people! Catch up with old ones! You never know what could happen. I’m not looking for a job, but who knows what tomorrow will bring.

It will be a busy week. I will definitely update the blog with a review post once I’m gone, not to mention I’ll keep tweeting (@dbannisterjr) my adventure!