Usability Week!


At the end of the month I’m heading to the Nielsen Norman Group’s Usability Week in New York City! I’m fortunate to attend this instead of my yearly conferences I’ve attended in the past. Here is the courses I selected.

September 26, 2015: UX Basic Training
September 27, 2015: User Interface Principles Every Designer Must Know
September 28, 2015: User Research Methods: From Strategy to Requirements to Design
September 29, 2015: Measuring User Experience
September 30, 2015: The Human Mind and Usability October 01, 2015: Usability Testing
October 02, 2015: Analytics and User Experience

It should be super educational and it will be my first time visiting New York City. Looking forward to visiting some sights and seeing a bit of the town while I’m out there. I plan on blogging each night a short blurb about each course with possibilities to discuss things a bit deeper afterwards. I plan on going for my UX Certification afterwards so I’ll have plenty to discuss on my mind.