#NNGUW Day 1 – UX Basic Training


Yesterday’s training was IMG_3395fascinating. I met some interesting people who are already very immersed in User Experience. Learning about all the different ways you can apply User Experience principles to processes and projects seems very daunting. Some interesting things I learned are listed below.

  • Focus on helping novice users first, expert users later.
  • Create Persona’s and use them in your everyday work. How would Mary react to this new feature? How would Mark? Base them off of real people and make them a part of your everyday thoughts.
  • Do research! It helps get good feed back. One method we discussed was card sorting when thinking about new navigation. Get different opinions.
  • Getting feedback from 5 people will yield 85% of your global usability problems.
  • When asking for feedback on something, use a distractor and ask about the general quadrant or area, and not a specific feature or element.
  • Observation sessions with users are super informative. Give someone a list of tasks and watch them.

More to come later this evening about today’s session: UI Principles Every Designer Must Know.

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