#NNGUW Day 2: UI Principles Every Designer Must Know


IMG_3380Yesterday’s training went much quicker than the first day. I think it was a combination of the subject and how there were things I was learning that could be easily put into my regular work that helped. Some of my highlights from yesterday are listed below.

  • Tutorials introducing apps are not seen as effective because of information overload. Contextual clues are better, especially with the training wheels method (where you learn small pieces through doing, before having access to everything).
  • Linear menus are the easiest understood, but circular and square menus are quicker for users as they grow comfortable with them.
  • Modal dialog boxes are considered the most annoying way to notify people. People prefer notification bars off to the side.
  • People are more willing to wait for something to load if there is a progress bar + entertainment, than if there isn’t.
  • Kids start behaving like adults in their use of web navigation around 10-12 years old.

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