#NNGUW Day 3 – User Research Methods


IMG_3429Yesterday’s class was a lot of practical, educational fun! We went through several activities through the day, and got to practice what we were learning on a small level. The class centered on, like the title says, user research methods. We went through an exhaustive list of methods, but the major ones were surveys, field studies, and focus groups.

Some of my notes are included below. There aren’t many because we spent a lot of time doing several activities pictured below the notes.

  • Interviews, then surveys! This helps you explore the domain and allows you to shape your survey questions for better quantitative data.
  • End an interview with “Is there anything I didn’t ask that you expected me to?” can yield great results.
  • When asking for a scaled answer, do 0-10 because it has a natural end point and everyone recognizes Zero as bad.
  • Write down observations quickly after doing interviews if unable to take really good notes during a meeting. Memory decays quickly!
  • A few tools to help with card sorting: Trello.com, Mural.ly, Post-it (a mobile app)
  • UX Team Of One – A book geared towards small UX teams or single individuals and how they can best serve their area in the huge area of User Experience.

Below is a survey we wrote asking our neighbor about the possible influences of why they bought a particular phone.


Before lunch, we were given an assignment to go do a field IMG_3426study and observe our conference mates and then do an interview with a few people and ask them about their experience. We took pictures, took notes, and quotes. After lunch, we returned back and were put into groups and had to take all of our notes and observations and create an affinity diagram with post-its on some paper. A picture of ours is at the top of this post.

IMG_3431Later that evening I scarfed down some NY pizza and performed my first 3 cert exams for the conference. Passed all three, just a few more to get the Norman Nielsen Group’s first level User Experience Certification. Put a picture of my pizza below, because pizza! Feel free to follow along on twitter, the event is using the hashtag #nnguw or find/follow me at @dbannisterjr.