#NNGUW Day 7 – Intranet Design Trends and Best Practices


IMG_3468Today was the last day of the conference. At this point, many people’s brains were all mushy and gushing out of their skulls. I know I felt that way. I started off in the Analytics session, but it turned out to be how do we make design decisions FROM Analytics, not how do we best PRESENT Analytics to users. I must have mis-read the session synopsis.

So I transferred out after first break to the Intranet session, and it was great! Working a lot with SharePoint and having a little experience in dealing some with this side of the world, I was able to learn some best practices that I should be considering going forward.

One of the notes I gathered was about every executive wants  a blog, but no executive wants to write all the content for one. So as a designer we need to be practical and make a judgement call about their motivations behind this and either steer them away or have a backup plan if it doesn’t work.

Overall it was an enjoyable class. Up above is an exercise we had to complete in sketching out an intranet on paper with some requirements. The conference is over, and I’m looking forward to home. Thanks Nielsen Norman Group, it was very educational and I’m so thankful I was able to attend.

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