HBC Website Re-design has begun!


Logo for Highland Baptist ChurchI’m back home in Louisville. It was awesome to visit NYC, but it’s really great to be home. Already this week, I’ve started working towards some of the things I learned about while at Usability Week. One project outside of work, is the re-design of my church’s website. I plan to document much of the process here, since I am limited what I can share with work.

Our web host/developer has performed an audit for us on the current site with a list of recommendations to consider as we go forward. We are meeting about this later this week to discuss in depth.

On my side, I’ve started coming up with a set of ‘user types’ and plan to get some demographics on the types of people in these and create some personas for the design team to keep in mind as we go forward. I also am scheduling time to attend the leadership meeting to run an activity to both include and make clear the tasks for these user roles. My list is currently:

  • Browsers: People who are investigating church online before they ever set foot in the door.
  • Visitors: People who have been to the church before, and looking for more information.
  • Members: People who have engaged the community in more than attending worship.
  • Fan-club: People who don’t attend, won’t attend, but follow the work of HBC’s Staff and Congregation
  • Website Editors: People who log into the site to edit it in anyway.

Hoping that using these exercises will help the team feel like we understand our users better, that way we can re-design the website in a more meaningful way than we paid for our last re-design. It’s too complex, and we’re sure we can organize things in a better way that doesn’t have to be.