SPTechCon Reflections


So if I had to sum up the conference into my top 3 moments, they would definitely be:

1. Meeting Marc Anderson and learning more about SPServices from its creator.

2. Hearing about and seeing SharePoint 2013.

3. Exploring some pretty awesome 3rd party products. Continue reading

Prepping for SPTechCon!


20130226-140152.jpgOk, so I got to attend SPTechCon last year (SharePoint Technical Conference) in San Francisco. I learned LOADS and convinced my boss to let me go again this year. And now that I’ve actually traveled to a conference, I’m excited about some of the things I plan to do this year. There are a TON of sessions lead by some awesome SharePoint Pros (and even Microsoft MVPs).

So I thought I’d post a little bit about my game plan. Continue reading

SharePoint Saturday Louisville – MS Access Session Recap


Yesterday was #SPSLouisville. It was a lot of fun. Had a little over 100 people come spend their Saturday at the new East Marriott Louisville to learn a little more about SharePoint!

It was my first time speaking at an event, and being a bigger part of the organizing committee putting the event together. It really gives me a new appreciation for all the work it takes to get it together, so I’m super happy with how it all turned out.

Speakers/committee members got legitimate baseball jerseys and all attendees got a SharePoint Saturday Louisville Louisville Slugger Bat (Seen above).

SharePoint Saturday Dayton


My partner and I traveled up to Dayton this weekend to help out the crew up at SharePoint Saturday Dayton. We had a GREAT time socializing, networking, and volunteering for the busy event day on Saturday.

I was able to attend several sessions that I really enjoyed! Met a few new people to follow on Twitter (and hopefully people that can give some guidance when I get stuck). Continue reading