Double Data Entry – MS Access and SharePoint


So recently at work someone had been asking if SharePoint is able to becomeĀ usableĀ for data entry from both MS Access and SharePoint. One of his reasons was that they are scattered across the nation and accessing a shared drive Access database is not a good use of bandwidth. I’ve done a few things extensively with SharePoint where I append data INTO SharePoint, where I’ve extracted Data FROM SharePoint but I hadn’t really tried using a live list where I could manage my data living ON a list from both Access and SharePoint. Continue reading

SharePoint Saturday Dayton


My partner and I traveled up to Dayton this weekend to help out the crew up at SharePoint Saturday Dayton. We had a GREAT time socializing, networking, and volunteering for the busy event day on Saturday.

I was able to attend several sessions that I really enjoyed! Met a few new people to follow on Twitter (and hopefully people that can give some guidance when I get stuck). Continue reading

What is a Power User?


First off, what is a Power User? Why do I identify myself as a ‘Power User’? Power Users, when I say it, refer to those people who are making the most of SharePoint with what they got. The environment in which I’ve been working in has required me to become a Power User. My boss says, “Can we do this?” And I say, “Of course, it’ll just take some time but we can get there”. So I start tinkering/learning. And I get it done. Continue reading